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Consultancy programs

Consultancy programs

To place a successful product in the market, with as an end result having happy customers and money in your pocket. Isn’t that what we all want? 

But in order to get there, quite some steps will have to be taken and a lot of things will have to be considered for instance: 

Planning, handling, storage, transport, processing, selling, market information, grades and standards, certificates, financing and risk management.


Our philosophy is that there are a few basic components being pre-harvest, post-harvest, logistics, marketing, sales and quality assurance. And each of these components is essential for creating long term success with any product. 

So what can you do?
Sign up with Ambient of course!

We offer you a support system through a consulting project to assist you fulfil your marketing potential.

Either you need us for a specific part of the circle or you want us to be available for the whole marketing process – we will be there for you.

 Just call us to discuss all possibilities.